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Best Indie Games on Steam

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There are a lot of popular indie games on Steam, so we decided to make a quick review of the top seller games within this category. Start your steam wallet code generator as you will have a lot of reasons to spend your codes on great games!

  1. Stardew Valley

From time to time, indie gaming scene produce true masterpieces like Cave story, games that were developed by a single person.  A Stardew Valley is such act of love, game developed by single man, Eric Barone, who designed and compiled entire game within 5 years and just recently become known to public. The game is interesting mix of sim-like farm adventure and rpg elements that will entertain you for some time and charm you with almost childish enthusiasm.  Stardew Valley is currently the most popular indie game on steam, reason why you should get some free steam wallet codes and build your own fantasy times.

  1. Rust

The Rust is a special indie game where the only goal is to stay alive. It is first person shooter with strong survival elements implemented in the game, elements like hunger, thirst and so on. It is very popular game on Steam as it emphases making alliances with other players so that you can survive in tough and very often unfair world. You will start adventure only with basic tools and weapons like knife, but if you are a skillful player you can create real fortress or lead entire armies into victory. The basic game mechanics and objectives may sounds like Minecraft concept, which actually is the basic concept of any survival game, but the Rust is enriched with gorgeous graphics and visual effects that are simply astonishing for a game that comes from small developer studio. The Rust is one of the most ambitious indie games on Steam, a game that we are truly recommending as exceptional multiplayer experience.

  1. Garry’s Mod

Even it is released almost ten years ago; Garry’s Mod still remains one of the most popular indie games on Steam. It is hard t describe what is exactly this game, if it is a game in classical terms. We may say that Garry’s Mod is sandbox filled with various tools that are based on physics engine. This opens door to unlimited creations as in this game you can create almost anything from clock to nuclear bomb! With more than 400.000 user made items in Steam Workshop, Garry’s Mod remains one of the most popular games ever launched on Steam. If you had never played this game, do not hesitate, get some free steam wallet codes and unleash your creativity.

  1. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program or KSP is technology crafting simulator where you are supposed to build the best possible spacecraft from available parts. Each part has specific functions and abilities that affect the final flying abilities of your ship and that uniqueness of each part is the exact place where you can manifest your creativity. As you advance in game you will be able to unlock additional technologies and improve your ship until you create a perfect intergalactic voyager. If you like technical games, Kerbal Space Program is perfect game for spending steam wallet codes and few hot summer afternoons.

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